Local Students Become Filmmakers

Team PhotoYoung People became filmmakers through funding from the YMCA-GO programme and Department of Culture, Media & Sports & Big Lottery. Year 9 students from a Stoke-on-Trent high school worked with Chris Parr from Shine in Media to produce a video advert for a local business.

In a series of video editing workshops after school, learners from the Coop Academy in Tunstall gained valuable filmmaking and media skills to put together a promotional advert for international business Healus Limited.  This included organising various video clips onto a timeline, understanding the difference between shot sizes, shot angles and shot movements and creating a visual story. They also designed and included a digital business card and used audio equipment to record voiceovers. They showed confidence through communicating to an adult and wider audience.

The video advert will be used by the business, promoted on social media and help them with marketing the company’s shoe products.  The students enjoyed learning all about the resilic sole system while creating the film. The shoe has the greatest shock absorption and stability per weight ratio of any footwear.​ They are lightweight and strengthened by flax fibres, helping to reduce carbon emissions and the design is better for the environment. The young people enjoyed this unique selling point.

For more Information visit: https://shineinmedia.co/business-adve… and content about this business and their products at https://resilic.com

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