image20_Misty GreyChris is a hardworking individual and a creative talent. He started his learning journey as a craftsman, designing and manufacturing wooden fireplaces, showing his versatility by gaining practical skills from working with raw timber through to the finished furniture assembly. After serving his apprenticeship, he studied as a full time mature student.

His qualifications include: BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science, Diploma in Youth and Community Studies, a Foundation Degree for Teaching Assistants before he graduated at Staffordshire University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Education.

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His work experience during the last 20 years covers a wide range of roles within the public sector. These have included play-scheme leadership, youth, community and  education work, high school mentoring, teaching support at key stages 2, 3 & 4, student assessment, library and learning resource centre management, media promotion and as an extended schools officer, working with students, staff and members of the community.

He has worked with various groups of young people in his portfolio. These being: disadvantaged youth, special educational needs, pupil premium, gifted and talented and student volunteers. He has also worked alongside staff at all levels including community officers, teachers and student support, senior managers, head teachers and business leaders.

Striding Edge_FotorHe believes that young people can make a positive contribution in the creation of resources for their own community. He continues to inspire individuals and small groups to produce literature, art, film, photography and audio where these experiences can be shared responsibly. He engages people throughout this empowerment process, motivates learners and helps to keep them captivated in the learning.

Chris has a great passion in continuing to make a difference by working with more talented students, young people and dedicated professionals. He is committed to using his skills and experiences to create promotional film and other resources with you.

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