Let’s Do Business

Shine in Media exhibited at the #ldbstaffs2017 (Let’s Do Business) networking event at Uttoxeter Racecourse this week. A few stills from the day with fellow Platform members:  Junction15 Productions Inspired Film and Video Humanoid Productions @carse&watermanproductions Reels in Motion Cinerobota Bomark Studios Shine in Media Enlighten E-Learning and Factory: Creative Industries

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Let’s Do Business Expo 2017 Workshop


LDB Expo Event

This week, we were invited to the Let’s Do Business Expo:  How to Exhibit Effectively Workshop. We have an exciting opportunity to showcase our social enterprise.

This will be held at Uttoxeter Racecourse on Thursday 29th June (10am-4pm) and is part of Platform, Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire’s Moving Image Cluster; Helping to Drive growth and innovation in the Film, Television, Games and Animation sectors. Hope to see you all there…

Staffordshire Day at the Wedgwood Institute in Burslem.

APGR 2018 at the Wedgwood Institute

We were given the opportunity to speak at the fantastic Wedgwood Institute, in Burslem, during Staffordshire Day. Chris Parr from Shine in Media presented the new project that aims to create a new feature to celebrate the 100th anniversary of a Film that was produced in the Mothertown in 1918; A Pottery Girl’s Romance.

Pictured are images of the recently refurbished interior, including Ray Johnson from the Staffordshire Film Archive and Chris himself; both speaking to community members about the historic story. More information can be found on its official FaceBook page: www.facebook.com/APGR2018/

Young Filmmakers, from Chell Heath School, Shine!

Burnwood Team Fotor Med.jpg

It was great to work with the most dynamic workforce in the country again at Burnwood Community School.


Film Premiere of the Anti-bullying Film & Music Rap Shown in Their School Assembly.

Film Students Create Anti-bullying Rap

burnwoood-certificate-anti-bullyingYear 6 Students at Burnwood Community Primary School took part in the creation of an anti-bullying video & music rap. It was filmed at the school and included footage of their anti-bullying day. Having received technical support by creative media director Chris Parr from Shine in Media, the students performed well and used various recording equipment throughout the project. This included camcorders, DSLR cameras and special computer hardware and software. Click on the image below to view their film.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.06.44.png

Film Up: Prenton Community Garden

Shine in Media helped to evidence ‘Social Impact’ by producing a short promotional film.



Context: An unused garden space that had fallen into dis-repair and unsafe for use. Multiple incidents of anti-social behaviour occurred in and around the space. A small number of active tenants have contributed to making the outside spaces more pleasant with a planting scheme. There is a local desire by the Prenton Tenants & Residents Association (PTRA) to engage more tenants in making a significant environmental improvement in the area.

Output: A new community garden was designed and built.

Outcome: The community now has a garden to use and enjoy. The individuals involved have increased sense of wellbeing. Employability of the volunteers involved has increased due to learning of new skills, experience gained and increase confidence in own abilities. A positive improvement to outdoor environment has been created.

Impact: Grow veg, promote healthy eating, physical activity exercise, increase health both mentally and physically. Create a sense of community and increased pride in the area.

Increased physical health over the long term. Children Growing fresh veg, positive habits for the long term. Volunteers more likely to undertake further opportunities in area – ownership of area. Volunteers more likely to get paid work in the future.