Social Media Adverts for Local Businesses



REVIVE’ is a video editing workshop facilitated by Shine in Media based in Stoke-on-Trent. The project engages with learners and helps to restore and generate interest in the local business community. Students create a short video advert from raw footage of a local business and shared on social media. All equipment and resources are provided.

Revive Student support

Students will be able to communicate confidently to a wider audience using our sound recording and video editing equipment. The project’s impact, value and legacy will be to:

  • raise the community’s public profile
  • highlight the distinctiveness of the area
  • provide additional resources for communities at no extra cost
  • show that students can make a positive and active contribution to the local economy
  • improve literacy levels across the city while closing the social media skills gap
  • retain students, and their skills, within the local area during further study and after
  • increase employability prospects for students entering the job market

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